"Dear Peter Wong,
I would like to thank you so much for your excellent services all these 8 years to take charge and also to take care of my apartment in Quay Street,Haymarket.
I appreciate your work and all these years I didn't had to worry about my apartment. I hope you have an office in China also so that I can put my properties under your care. I hope also to meet up with you one day.
If I go to Sydney again I will give you a call. Thank you and
best wishes for you and your company.
Best Regards,

Mrs. Choo

Thanks For Looking after My Property.
Hi Peter,
I am writing to let you know that I am leaving Hong Kong after my five years' contract here. I will return to the Gold Coast, Queensland.
I wish to thank you for your amazingly efficient and fuss-free professional service and attention while I have been away overseas.
I look forward to continuing the association with you and P&G Mode Realty.

Tenant Appreciation
I’m writing to thank you for all your help in finding me an apartment, helping me get settled, and making me feel at home.
Though you may not realize it, the level of professionalism and service offered by you and your colleagues at P & G Mode Reality are far above anything available elsewhere in the Sydney residential rental market.
Over the month of my apartment search I dealt personally with at least a dozen different agents based all over Sydney and heard many more complaints from acquaintances and colleague about their own agents - you and your agency clearly stand out as citywide leaders in customer service. If you are ever asked for a customer reference, or if you ever need help attracting business from The University of Sydney, please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.
As my Department hires new staff each year I will certainly suggest they call you at the very beginnings of their housing searches.
Sincerely S.B.

Herbert St. St Leonards

We have much pleasure in writing a commendation letter to acknowledge the superb business performance of P&G Mode Realty in selling our investment apartment in St. Leonards in May 2012.

We wish to take the opportunity in expressing our heartfelt appreciation for the hard work, dedication and professional expertise displayed by both Peter Wong, the Principal, and Veon Wong, Property Manager, throughout this period of selling process when the property market environment was not as buoyant and vibrant as we would all wish, particularly as the world financial markets are confronting turmoil which is influencing the decisions of property buyers. Through their unyielding efforts, we have achieved a sale at the desired price, based on their accurate prediction, in less than three weeks from placing the property on the market.

Veon Wong impressed us with her enthusiasm, courtesy and patience to listen, and on top, her timely assistance and advice without being felt 'pushy' or hard sell. Her honesty and integrity and professionalism won our confidence. Veon proved to be a great communicator and we have a rapport with her that we thoroughly enjoyed during our acquaintance with P&G Mode Realty over the past six years. The thing that impressed us most was her extensive knowledge of the property market in Sydney and the prompt action in keeping us updated with reports of open-house inspections and private viewings, with full back-up of Peter Wong. Their personalized contacts were much appreciated and gave us peace of mind and took a huge amount of stress out of the situation for us.

P&G Mode Realty is an excellent and top grade real estate agency and our dealings with them have always been commendable and praiseworthy. We would not only recommend P&G Mode Realty to others but would most definitely engage Peter Wong and Veon Wong again should we decide to buy or sell properties in the future. They are absolute credit to the Real Estate Agency. We want to add that we have made the best decision in appointing P&G Mode Realty to sell our property in St. Leonards. We wish to make known our complete satisfaction with the personal and business acquaintance of P&G Mode Realty.

Maria Tsang and Monica Tsang

Winston Hills, NSW