Selling Tips

The difference between settling on a standard price and scoring a great offer lies in the preparation of the property for sale.
No matter the motive, selling a property can either be stress free or tense and disappointing. You have the ability to choose! It can truly be easy, efficient and inexpensive.
Here is a guide to some crucial factors that can influence the successful and smooth sale of your property. For any further assistance – Don’t hesitate to ask our professional agents at P&G Mode Realty for advice.


Property buyers come all year round – it is very rare that a buyer is eager enough to wait for you to put your home on the market.
Timing, presentation and promotion is all required to bring buyers and sellers together for a win-win outcome.
Spring is considered the prime time to sell property – especially those with gardens or outdoor areas.
Positive spring vibes combined with clearing warmer weather means more casual potential buyers will be out and about.
Be wary of increased competition as sellers take advantage of these optimal conditions. More property sellers mean more choice for buyers, which will affect prices.
It’s quality over quantity when it comes to the winter season. The chilly season usually draws fewer buyers, but they are focussed on purchasing and are traditionally faced with fewer options.
Over the recent years more specific shifts in state and federal economic and immigration policies have impacted the property supply change. This means keeping an eye on economic conditions and personal financial circumstances when selling.
Before placing your home on the market, allow additional time to prepare not only the presentation of the property itself, but also the marketing material to ensure visual attraction and accuracy.


A tidy home invites you with open arms and says, “Welcome”. That’s what all buyers want to hear.
Your home should be kept neat and tidy throughout the whole selling process, from shooting marketing photos and videos to during open property inspection periods.
It should create a sense of comfort to make buyers see “themselves” living there, and NOT like an artificial “show home”.
Fresh flowers or indoor plants always brighten up a home – even on the dullest of days.
Whilst cleaning, think about each room and only leave essential furniture – as rooms look smaller when crowded with furniture and personal belongings. Clear out anything that’s not needed to create a feeling of spaciousness.
Ensure that all minor repairs are completed such as sticking doors and windows, loose doorknobs, faulty plumbing, or peeling paint. The smallest fault could affect your sale.
Let plenty of light into your home because nothing improves the atmosphere more than brightness. On a dull day, the first thing to do before buyers arrive is switch on some lights or burn some scented candles to really lift the ambience.
During chillier days, a comfortable heated home adds cosiness – on a hot day don’t forget to turn on any air conditioning or fans (or simply let the breeze flow through).
If the property is empty and vacant – consider using a property stylist to add furniture pieces, pictures, paintings and splashes of colour to bring out the best features of your home.
See our Youtube videos for examples of our styled properties.

Method of Sale

You must feel comfortable with your choice of sale method so at P&G Mode Realty, we will present and explain the pros and cons of all the available methods.

Two of the common methods are –

Sale by Private Treaty – you set a public price (or price range) with your agent for the property to be marketed at through the mutually agreed advertising plan. Buyers will submit their offer and terms for consideration and acceptance.

Sale by auction – You will choose a date and time for prospective buyers to bid against each other.
You can set a reserve price, which is the minimum you will accept. Once bidding has passed that level, a sale is definite and unconditional and a predetermined deposit must be paid on the day.
Remember that every selling method has its pros and cons, but market conditions also affect the selling price.
Have a chat to us before you “push the button” to sell.